Tube Bending Machines

Tube and Pipe Bending

With its versatile and efficient range of tube bending machines, transfluid® offer unlimited bending freedom for every application. The range includes mobile tube bending machines, compact and stationary mandrel bending machines as well as high-performance CNC tube bending machines.

Shuz Tung Machinery was established in 1978 as a specialized pipe bender manufacturer of a wide variety of pipe benders and tube bending machines, such as auto pipe bender, semi auto pipe bender and special customer pipe benders. Dedicated to providing customers with the most credible and reliable industrial equipment, the company has been making relentless efforts on superior technology and engineering to enhance the performance of the pipe bender. Based on the long experience in pipe bender field, it has won the great confidence from customers who count on the precision and effectiveness the pipe and tubing benders deliver. Educate yourself and your professionals: check out these materials. We’ll show you how you can utilize your pipe bending machine in your store for a high quality service to your customers. If you are interested in pipe bender and tube bending machine series, please contact us for more information.

Mobile BendingMB 642-RE 642 A-VW 642 A

Our Transfluid® mobile ram bending machines are much-proven in practical application, and are able  to boast a stand-out price/performance ratio as well as simple, effective engineering with excellent technical capabilities. Uncompromising, versatile and simply the best.

Compact Mandrel

These attractively priced and compact tube-bending machines have full hydraulic control for high performance. DB 2060 K (16)We can configure the system with additional features as required (cutting ring pre-
assembly, flaring, de-burring, sawing and chamfering). Compact, powerful yet competitively priced – our fully hydraulic mandrel bending machine features excellent bend quality and the simplest of handling. With electronic bend angle pre-selection, up to 8 bend angles can be preselected digitally (nominal values), displayed continually as actual values, and deactivated.The requirement of additional devices for cutting ring pre-assembly, flaring, de-burring, hydraulic sawing and chamfering is possible on request.

Stationary Mandrel Bending

Our stationary, semi-automatic bending machines make no-limit bending freedom possible for small and medium production runs. The configuration is tailored precisely to your requirements.

Simple, powerful for convincing bending results – our semi-automatic bending machines for small and medium production runs render possible bending without limits. Configurable entirely to your needs.

CNC Controlled Mandrel BendingDB 642-CNC-radii-changer (3)

Stability and extreme bending freedom are stand-out features of our CNC mandrel bending machines. Maintenance-free, energy-saving drive systems with hydraulic/electric bending motor action, together with the latest software and electronics, make them so efficient.High-precision, powerful and quick with a simple-to-use and freely programmable CNC touch panel controller. Our transfluid® CNC bending machines offer no-limit bending freedom thanks to their compact, leading-edge design. Extremely short set-up times ensure maximum level of flexibility. With full or partial electrical drive, the machines satisfy the most exacting of demands. Customization creates optimal benefits for best possible results.

CNC Controlled Mandrel Bending For Large Tube Diameters

Bend tubes with large dimensions – our large t bend solution works DB 40220-3A-CNC (17)perfectly with tubes having a maximum diameter of 325 mm. Short bend radii are possible with lowest level of wall thinning. Quick tool changing ensures flexible and fast processes.

Stability and performance are stand-out features of these machines for large pipe diameters.

Precise bending is possible of thin and thick-walled tubes made of all materials – even with radii of 1.5 times the pipe diameter (and smaller).

This makes exacting machine and controller technology possible. Extremely short set-up times (sometimes shorter than 10 minutes) improve flexibility and increase cost-effectiveness.

The machine enables short bending radii with no problem – yet lowest levels of wall thinning. Particularly long durability is a stand-out feature of the very sturdy machine construction. All tube bending machines are supplied with a powerful and fully-automatic CNC control.