About Us


Advanced Fabricating Machinery is committed to providing the North American tube fabricating industry with cost-effective, high quality machines and superior service. Specializing in tubes, pipes, bars, and profiles, we offer diverse products for bending, end-forming, deburring, and transfer.

We have developed solid relationships with select manufacturers in order to provide quality products ranging from entry level to complete production solutions. This diversity enables us to closely define a machine that fits both your requirements and your budget. A knowledgeable sales team and responsive local dealers and representatives allow us to bring this service to your doorstep before and after the sale.

With close access to Boston’s port of entry and airports, our facility includes a showroom, parts warehouse, and full service department. As the local extension of the manufacturer, Advanced Fabricating Machinery is dedicated to building relationships with our customers by providing advanced technologies and unsurpassed service.



Technology developments progress noticeably much quicker in today’s market.  And with them, in many cases the technical challenges lead towards a customized solution.  Tubes in the best geometry are needed for the wide diversity of applications.  It is only these which have a sustainable effect to arrive at the best results for your ideas.

Partnered with transfluid®, we are working every day on turning your requests into reality in order for you to accommodate the special requirements of your customers.

For your special requirements, transfluid® is developing tube processing machines, tube bending machines, tube forming machines, tube cutting machines and automation systems which go beyond the standard and set new benchmarks .

Our customers across North America are placing their trust in our expertise.   They use and benefit from our experience for cost-effective and advanced solutions that further your success.


Shuz Tung

Shuz Tung specialize in tube processing, manufacturing of tube bending machines, turn-key equipment for bicycles, tubes for furniture, electronic equipments, etc. The product range consists of more than 1,000 models which are sold around the world. Shuz Tung Machinery was established in 1978 as a specialized pipe bender manufacturer of a wide variety of pipe benders and tube bending machines, such as auto pipe bender, semi auto pipe bender and special customer pipe benders. Dedicated to providing customers with the most credible and reliable industrial equipment, the company has been making relentless efforts on superior technology and engineering to enhance the perfromance of the pipe bender.